Besides passport and boarding passes, essential oils are a must when flying, oh and some healthy snacks if you don’t eat the plane food like myself and my family.
These are my must haves in the plane ✈️ & I truly believe they should be packed in everyone’s hand luggage. ……….
Balance- for nervousness and anxious feelings, for helping you feel grounded when you quite clearly are not. Simply apply behind the ears or over the heart or on the bottom of your feet before flying to promote calm and re-apply as needed. ❤️
On guard roll on and On Guard beadets. I roll this on the bottom of everyone’s feet and around there neck before flying and during to help keep us protected from all the viruses and bugs and then we all pop 2 beadlets before and at the end of the flight to keep our immunity strong and is healthy and well. 😷
Peppermint roll on and Peppermint beadlets. For upset tummy, digestive discomfort, or feelings of nausea, apply Peppermint roller to abdomen, or on the top of the nose to help settle the stomach. Can also be applied to the temples and back of the neck for headaches or tension and perfect rolled down the spine to bring down a temperature. The beadlets are for keeping your breath fresh and your throats free of bacteria and your sinuses open and lungs invigorated for getting off the plane. 😁

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