There are times in our lives where we should be happy, want to be happy yet find it hard to actually be happy. We try to find it by keeping ourselves ridiculously busy, or by buying materialistic things to cheer us up or by pretending we are happy to everyone when we truly aren’t.
Our energy levels drop and grief from something that’s happened in our lives comes up to haunt us, we feel overwhelmed with everything we do & we tend to hide away as we can’t stop being negative or tearing up over anything and everything.
Sometimes we wonder how we actually got here and why we are here.
Anyone ever feel like this?
Well I definitely do….. when I do feel like this I realise I need to get back in nature, stay calm, only do things I want to do, write in my gratitude diary religiously and cover myself with essential oils like this one, Elevation and sit with my thoughts and feelings in a Meditation to let the darkness lift, the low vibrations disappear and to start to slowly heal and rebuild myself again knowing that I’m exactly where I should be and everything is going to be OK.
This essential oil helps bring the light back in, the joy and carefree attitude back, the elevated and courageous feelings flow again and the abundance and cheerfulness fill your body once more. 🙏

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