Zit zapping options


If only we never got pimples, well some of us are luckier than others. I get pimples now and then from stress or hormonal or when I am doing a detox.
Normal pimple creams can contain harsh chemicals and toxins. Essential oils are equally effective, but without all the junk since they are plant-derived and naturally safe.
These are my favourite 4 zit zapping options.
1. Frankincense – is rest for just about everything and especially great for skin! It promotes healthy skin at a cellular level.
2. Melaleuca (tea tree) – my absolute go to for cleansing, rejuvenating and to promote a clear, healthy completion.
3. Purify – a great cleanser to clear away any unwanted or hidden toxins.
4. HD clear blend – helps keep skin clean, smooth and clear without drying it out. It also soothes skin irritations. Perfect for all ages.
Which of these do you use for breakouts?? Interested in getting started with essential oils, please contact me for my next workshop or for a one on one.

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