What all girls should know about Tampons and Pads


You might be thinking that those tampons and pads you use on a monthly basis created by the likes of large corporations are safe for mama earth and your parts, but Im here to share some information that perhaps might make you think otherwise.

Unfortunately some of these big corporations don’t take into consideration the health of the planet or YOUR body – shame on them.

Could it be your constant UTI’s, yeast infections, endometriosis or hormonal issues be partly due to the products you use when your monthly friend visits? Something to consider my fellow girlfriends…..

– Most pads are made from over 90% crude oil plastic which goes on to pollute global environments forever.

– Most tampons and pads are bleached with chlorine which leads to a toxic by product called dioxin, which is linked to cancer as it’s a known carcinogen and endometriosis.

– 26% of the world’s pesticide is sprayed on cotton. These pesticides have been shown to affect the health of wildlife and human’s in a devastation way from infertility, hormonal imbalance, even cancer. In third world countries, up to 70% of farm workers are children aged 5-15 and many involved in spraying these potentially cancer-causing chemicals onto the cotton that your tampons are made from. This is just so wrong because these children are being exposed at such a yound age.

– If the cord of your tampon has been dyed, then it’s a possible source of toxic heavy metals, thanks to azo dyes.

Did you know the average woman uses more than 12,000 tampons in her lifetime?

It’s reassuring there are some companies out there making the more natural, healthy option available to us, such as Tom’s. Tom’s have a range of feminine hygiene products that are made using pure organic cotton.

So next time you go to the shops to buy your sanitary products remember to choose certified organic and natural, plant-derived materials that are chemical and additive free and biodegradable, containing only organic and natural ingredients sourced from sound ecologically managed producers and certified free from animal testing.

Another natural must have for that time of the month, is this amazing oil called Clary Calm by doTerra. It is a mixture of certified organic essential oils such as Clary Sage, Lavender, Bergamot, Roman Chamomile, Cedarwood, Ylang Ylang, Geranium, Fennel, and Carrot Seed. It not only smells delicious but it can be rolled onto your skin for any PMS symptoms you may feel such as lower back pain, abdominal aches and sore breasts.

You can buy this oil and many more from my online essential oil shop http://www.mydoterra.com/nourishedsoul

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