Tapioca pudding


My grandma GG always made tapioca (also called Sago) pudding for her children, so it was a favourite of my dad’s. I have tried it many times but never worked out or too sugary so left it until my nan passed away last year and I wanted to cheer my dad up with a tapioca pudding. I tried many different milks and sweetness and found the perfect recipe that everyone loved in our family, so here it is.

Tapioca- 1-2 cup tapioca
– 1 litre organic coconut milk
– 3 tbsp raw honey or maple syrup

*soak tapioca in 1 and 1/2 cups of coconut milk for 4 hours or overnight.
Add remaining milk and honey or maple syrup and bring to the boil and then reduce heat and simmer till cooked (till the tapioca seeds turn clear)

Tip- don’t leave, stir non stop as it catches on the bottom of the pot very easily.

Rhurbab Compote
– 1 bunch of rhubarb washed and cut into 2cm pieces.
– 1/4 cup water
– 2 oranges squeezed
– 1 cup raspberries (fresh or frozen)

* cook rhubarb in saucepan with water and orange juice and when done add raspberries and stir.
Cool and serve on top of tapioca with your choice of ice cream or yoghurt or fruit or just as is.

Tapioca pudding is delicious warm and then keep in fridge and can be eaten cold.



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