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clear skin

“You are what you eat (and drink)”

Without a question, your skin is a reflection of your total body health. That’s why people who fast or cleanse in some way (raw food/juicing/water fast) regularly, also have incredible looking skin….. they’re frequently clearing out the nasties from the inside out.

By consistently eating a predominantly plant-based, wholefood diet, keeping hydrated and avoiding toxic medications and chemical based skin creams, you’re almost guaranteed to have clear, hydrated, soft and glowing skin. It’s really not rocket science.

This photo is of me awaking in the morning, make-up free. During detoxing or cleansing your skin may break out worse (mine did) before it got a whole lot better.

I clean my skin on my face and body with my home made ‘Guasha’, then I use my home made toner to cleanse my skin then I use either jojoba oil, rosehip oil or hemp seed oil. I use a organic, nothing bad added light foundation by Inika and my white eye liner and mascara are both vegan, chemical free and organic and that’s it. Simple, chemical free and easy.

First up here are my Top 10 Tips for Better, Brighter Skin….
1. Clean purified water – plenty of it everyday.
2. Oils (olive, hemp or coconut oil) – drizzled on food whenever you can and apply topically to dry skin.
3. Garlic – you can’t get enough of this incredible antibacterial food.
4. Lemon Juice – Drink the juice of one lemon each morning in purifed warm water upon rising and apply topically to the skin for any rashes, pimples, sun spots or psoriasis and get out into the sunshine.
5. Greens (kale, spinach, parsley) – Throw a handful in a smoothie or eat in a salad.
6. Avacado – My favourite food….. Eat them daily and also apply topically as a face mask for hydration.
7. Berries – Whatever berries are in season, eat them. So full of amazing anti aging antioxidants.
8. Nuts – eat them by the handful as a snack, or mixed into salads or fruit as a dessert.
9. Fermented Food – make your own kimchi or kombucha or buy it from your local farmer’s market or health food store. So good for the gut which in return shows through your skin.
10. Apple Cider Vinegar – (raw organic) use it to help create a salad dressing or add a few tsp’s to your water each day. Great for akalising the body’s PH, helps with digestion and also great to use on the skin for many skin issues.


This is my homemade ‘Guasha’ face and body scrub.
Guasha is an ancient technique used by Ancient Asian, Greek and even Egyptian civilizations. This is a technique to open the skin and rid the body of bad bacteria and potential yeast, fungas, parasites and petro chemicals that get logged in our 7 layers of dermis and epi-dermis.

The skin is the largest eliminatory organ we have for getting rid of acid and other toxicity from the body and essentially keeping us cool. The skin should eliminate up to 2kg’s of material each day. But this simply is not the case because our skin gets clogged over time and soap doesn’t have the ability to really clean thoroughly.

I have been using this mixture for 2 years now and love it. My husband and kids use it too. It will help you tan and not burn and will keep you healthy and your skin looking great. I recommend using it daily.

Simply buy aluminium free bi-carb soda and any triple distilled vodka. Put in a glass jar with a lid big enough to get your fingers into. Add 75% bicarb to the jar and then fill with vodka, mix with a spoon till you get a paste like consistency.

Then when you shower simply rinse your whole body with water, move out of the water then rub this scrub all over your body with your hand or a scrubber if you have one and then get back under the water and wash it off.

For my toner I mix 4 Tbsp of alcohol free witch hazel, 2 Tbsp organic Apple Cider Vinegar, 2 drops of doTerra melaluca oil and 2 drops of doTerra lavender oil and voila.
All of these ingredients are great for the skin. Loaded with antibacterial, antifungal, antiviral properties to help prevent acne/skin infections. Great for balancing the production of sebum so your skin will have the perfect PH levels. Tightens pores and dramatically reduces inflammation and the list goes on and on.

Please let me know how you go……..

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