Run with it!



Today’s choice of blend is called the “run with it” blend.
When you are ready to take your level of activity up a notch then this is the blend for you. A New Day helps to break old patterns and enter into a new way of being. This blend will help you overcome the normal and intensify your living with intention.
This is a manifesting blend that will powerfully manifest your dreams and desires which will show you the way to personal growth with activities, people, circumstances etc.
you must be ready for this blend because it will create LOTS of change & a co start flow of abundance.
5 drops Douglas fir
8 drops Patchouli
3 drops Clary Sage
5 drops Eucalyptus
3 drops Rosemary
5 drops Wintergreen
2 drops Hawaiian Sandalwood
1 drop Cinnamon
1 drop Lemon
Place in a 5ml roller bottle and fill to the top with FCO and apply to the temples and back of neck when setting your intentions.

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