Papaya Love


My favourite way to start the day when I awake is to oil pull with coconut oil for 20 minutes, then drink a large amount of warm water with pink himalayan salt and a freshly squeezed lemon which cleanses my body and gets my digestive system working. I then prepare this fruit and nut meal which I eat about an hour after my warm drink.

One fruit I can’t live without every morning is PAPAYA. Papaya’s are an excellent source of potassium and vitamins A and C, calcium, iron, thiamine, riboflavin and niacin. Together these nutrients provide protection against colon cancer and also promote the health of the cardiovascular system. Papaya’s are great for reducing inflammation, great for asthma, osteoarthritis and reumatoid arthritis. Also great for IBS as they are full of fibre.
The seeds inside the Papaya are edible too and contain papain which is an amazing digestive enzyme. They taste like black peppercorns and can be dried and used as peppercorns. They are great to throw a teaspoon or two in a smoothie to help rid the body of parasites and a great liver cleanser.
In natural therapies they have also been used as the male birth control, only needing 1 teaspoon per day for 3 months to be fully effective (must be chewed or crushed) so don’t eat them daily if you want to fall pregnant…….

Also part of the Papaya plant is the papaya leaf which has been used in traditional medicine for many years for fighting cancers such as lung, cervix, breast, liver and pancreatic. They are also used to boost the immune system and fight viral infections. The leaves are boiled in filtered water for hours and the water is then drunk as a tea (not the nicest flavour) or the leaves are dried and crushed for tea (which I much prefer)

Anyway as you can see I am Papaya obsessed:) I love eating them in half filled with fruit in season, nuts and seeds.

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