No more Sore Throat


My most asked question by mums and friends almost daily as the cold weather is here.
What do I do for a sore throat?
For my kids I rub melaleuca oil on the throat area, roll the on guard on the bottom of each foot and on the throat glands, eat 1 on guard beadlet in the morning and 1 at night and have 1tsp of high grade Manuka honey morning and night.
For adults I do the same but also add the melaleuca oil or on guard oil into a small amount of warm water to gargle morning and night.
Also a warm honey and lemon water is perfect to sip on throughout the day.
I have done this on each family member in my house over the past years and it works an absolute dream each and every time. No need for chemical filled throat medication or antibiotics that suppress the immune system. Just pure organic easy to use products.
PM me to purchase or for any more info or visit my store

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