My LOVE of essential oils



So you always see me posting things about these essential oils by DoTERRA, did you know that I purchased a giant kit of them after a mind blowing talk I went to on them 3 years ago. Before this talk I honestly knew nothing about essential oils but I decided to take the plunge and start.
I had a wonderful mentor (Miss Penny) who held my hand a little through the process, yet my husband questioned a few times “what was I going to do with all these tiny bottles I had purchased”. It was a bit overwhelming to start with, sure, but more than anything I was super excited and knew this is what I should be doing. I knew deep within me that these oils were going to bring lots of blessings to me and my family. So I went for it and just started using them. I TRUSTED them with all my heart and gave intention to them each time I used them.
I have often received criticism and scepticism from ‘non-believers’ or people rolled there eyes at me or think I’m a weirdo for trying to sell the world something they have no understanding of.
Yet I’m glad I didn’t let this stop me because starting my oil journey has been one of the best things I have ever done. My confidence as a mum has never been better, I feel totally empowered and so much more in control of our well being. Our family is thriving, not only a physical level but an emotional one too. I also get to help teach others and help other mums or women/men out there feel empowered too, that they have taken control of there health and well being in a natural, safe, amazing, beautifully smelling way. This to me is PRICELESS.
You too can feel empowered and have greater freedom if you just give them a go and start how I did, from the start. If your heart is tugging at you to give them a try. DO IT. Believe that they will be all that they seem to be, because they truly are.
You don’t need to have studied aromatherapy or know anything about essential oils, you just have to believe and start using them as I did.
It’s my PASSION to help others, and so I would love to guide you along your essential oil journey and have you join in with other beautiful souls on this same journey. Just TRUST and take that leap.
PM me now.

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