Moody Bitch Blend


Who else dislikes that “time of the month”? Well it’s not really fun however we are women and we need to celebrate this part of being a woman.
If your like me and get a little crazy, a little cranky (well that’s what the hubby kindly tells me) πŸ˜‚ well here is my favourite oil to help calm me and soothe any discomfort in my breast and lower stomach and back.
Clary Calm is a specific blend in a roll on bottle that is made for women at that time of the month or for women at any time of the month when they are feeling a little moody, even that moody daughter. πŸ‘
I roll it over the areas I need it and if it’s for calming some craziness then I roll it on my neck to smell it which calms you straight down.
Don’t forget to drink loads of purified water and take time out for yourself.
This oil is one of my favourites.

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