LOVE potion


The perfect LOVE potion for Valentine’s Day or any special day.

The combination of these 3 pure essential oils will definitely spark some passion.

πŸ”† YLANG YLANG – is the oil of the heart, which is a powerful remedy for releasing emotions from the past and reminds the individual how joy can be felt and experienced more fully.

πŸ”† PATCHOULI – is the oil of physicality which aims to connect the spirit with the body, stilling the heart and mind in preparing the spirit and body for deeper Union.

πŸ”† LAVENDER – is the oil of communication which encourages emotional honesty and insists that one speak their innermost thoughts and desires.

When these 3 oils are combined they have a floral, rich, sweet aroma, perfect for perfume on the body or diffusing around the house.

All 3 can be purchased on my online shop

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