Life is too short for diet’s

fruit breakfast

“The problem is we are not eating food anymore, we are eating food like products.”

Just because it says vegan or low fat or paleo doesn’t mean it’s healthy. Most of these products can be processed which are very far from what FOOD should be. I choose to live a nourished way of life and promote this way. It is the Health Conscious way to live with a conscience. I like to eat food in it’s natural form.

Bread doesn’t grow on tree’s. It starts as a grain but get’s highly processed into flour and gluten and baked into a loaf of spongy stuff. Tofu doesn’t grow on tree’s, it starts as soy beans but gets highly processed into blocks of jiggly white material.

Nourished living is a movement towards whole plant based living with an emphasis on NOURISHING the body, mind and spirit to optimal health. I like to be able to look at my plate and see the ingredients, there’s the berries, that’s the paypaya, seeds and nuts there…… But I really like to look in my hand and see a wholefruit or apple!

Everyone really needs to get healthy and strengthen themselves against chronic illness, so I believe the Nourished way of living is the future. No fads, no diet’s, no labels just eating food as it should be eaten. Real food, wholefoods and as much of them as you please.

I believe that aligning your body with nature and following her laws is the best pathway to achieving that.

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