Life is movement

dharma wheel

“Diamonds were once a girl’s bestfriend……. Then yoga pants happened”….

Life is movement, Exercise is Energy.

Regular movement or exercise is one of the healthiest and enlivening things you can do. When you walk, that cross patterning movement stregthens, cleans and electrifies the entire body. Tour tubes flex and contract assisting in the process of elimination.
The Immune and Lymphatic system which protect our bodies by cleaning our blood and cells of plaque, parasite, viruses, and bacteria is actually only stimulated by movement. Our circulatory system has a heart to pump the blood around the body where as the only way to get this critical cleaning system online is to move and exercise. Walk, run, Swim, Ride a bike, Do Yoga, Dance or even Sex works. Just make sure you do something and do it regularly to get your lymphatic system going daily. It can’t work without you!

Life is movement, it doesn’t have to be hard, go easy but go regularly. 5 minutes is better than 0 minutes.

People often think I’m a gym junkie because Im always dressed in my gym tights, however I always explain to them that they are comfortable and if I wear them daily with my sand shoes it makes me feel like moving, even if it’s just a stretch or a jump on the trampoline with me kids, Im always ready to move.

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