Healthy gut



I believe that gut health is the key to a long and happy life.
Most foods and drinks we consume these days ruin our gut bacteria and leave us with many problems and illness’s.
It’s believed that all disease starts in the gut.
So one of the first things I do to support my family’s overall health and immunity is to give us all a good probiotic!
These probiotics by doTERRA are absolutely incredible. Both of the adult and child formulas are double encapsulated, with a Pre-biotic on the outside and a probiotic on the inside. The prebiotic portion dissolves in your stomach, but the probiotic portion doesn’t dissolve until your small intestine. This is huge!
Most probiotics are destroyed by your stomach acid and never make it through to the rest of your gut.
The kids absolutely love the tiny (sugar free) stick that they cut open and pour straight in there mouths. I usually give them one every morning however if they aren’t feeling great or there friends are sick around them then I will up it to two.
My hubby and I do the same with the PB assist probiotic.
To find out any more or to purchase these products through me, please PM me.

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