Healthy Easter Treats

So Easter is fast approaching & The Easter Bunny & every grandparent, Aunty, uncle, cousin, godparent or friend are so lovely & give my children Easter Eggs , however we end up with a mountain of chocolate. I’m ok with my kids eating a small amount of the good chocolate but the rest gets given away. So this year I have made some Easter gifts for family & friends that are of a healthier option so they too can see that Easter doesn’t have to be all sugar & an over abundance of eggs & bunnies:)

These glass bunny jars are filled with almonds, a few cacao chocolate eggs, a few speckle eggs, one tiny dark chocolate bunny & a few homemade healthy cacao nut balls .image They look great & have enough in them for the sugar free person or the sweet tooth……. All 3 of my kids asked for one & I will be happy for each of them to get one for Easter & eat everything in them.

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