Forgive with letters (great for kids too)


This is my number 1 health secret. To write a letter of forgiveness to someone or myself, then I burn it as I send it with love.
Or write a letter that’s full of all your built up anger and fears, I promise you, you will feel like you have got all the s–t of your chest and out of your body. You might cry and sob whilst doing so, yet when you burn it and send it with love you will feel so much lighter and happier.
Or write a letter of gratitude.
This is how we truly heal on a cellular and energetic level. 🙏

This is also great for our kids to do. My son saw me burning my letter in the fireplace and asking what I was doing, when I told him he went off to his room and I found him 30 minutes later writing letters to all of those he disliked, the people that noted and upset him and the people that he loved. It was really beautiful and very therapeutic as I saw all the worry and stress, sadness and anger he was holding onto leave his body and be sent with love in these letters he wrote and burnt.
Most kids don’t like to talk about the things they wish to tell other people as they think they will get into trouble or they will hurt the person so this really is a great way for them to express there feelings and move on.

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