figssundried figs

These are the delicious fresh organic figs I buy from our local market each weekend when in season and when they are out of season I buy these delicious spray free, preservative free sun dried figs.

Figs are the most nutritious, edible fruits. A half-cup of figs has as much calcium as a half-cup of milk. Figs have more fibre than any other common fruit with 28% of the fibre being soluble fibre. Studies have shown that soluble fibre aids in the loss of weight.

In ancient times Plato called figs a food for athletes. Greeks were well aware of the fig’s value and compared them to gold. The fig is the first tree mentioned in the Bible. When Adam and Eve had eaten the forbidden fruit and realized they were naked, they sewed fig leaves together to make aprons.

New compounds in Figs Kills Breast Cancer Cells. Researchers have just discovered nine new compounds in figs which are toxic to breast cancer cells, killing over 50% of them at concentrations that, in one case, approached the potency of the chemo drug cis-platium. Although these new compounds are in very early stage research, we already know that figs are potent anti-cancer fruit. Figs deliver the highest concentrations of cancer fighting polyphenols of any known fruit except dates. And this isn’t just theoretical; one recent study on healthy people showed that eating 40 grams of figs actually doubled their bloods antioxidant capacity within one hour!
As for cancer prevention, fig extracts have proven toxic to melanoma, stomach, throat, bone, brain and liver cancers in lab studies.

Figs are delicious fresh in season or dried out of season, however fresh fruit delivers the most benefits. Figs make a great snack any time of the day and for those of you feeling stressed, figs might be the perfect natural cure as they have been known from studies to decrease anxiety.

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