Deep Blue

deep blue

As you can see, I love this product, Deep Blue. I have it in 3 forms. One is a cream that I my husband massage’s on me for tight muscles or injuries, the deep blue oil I use for something stronger when in need and the roll on Deep Blue I carry in my handbag and use whenever I am out and about.

This Blend contains oils that are well known and are frequently studied for their abilities to soothe inflammation, alleviate pain and reduce soreness. Great for ailments such as Arthritis, Back pain, bone pain, bruises, Fibromyalgia, inflammation, joint pain, muscle aches, muscle tension, tension headaches and whiplash.

The ingredients are wintergreen, camphor, peppermint, blue tansy, german chamomile, helichrysum, osmanthus.

On an emotional level, this deep blue blend oil is named the ‘Oil of Surrender’, therefore it can assist individuals who are resisting or avoiding emotions that underlie their physical pain. It gives a person strength to face their emotional wounds, allowing the wounds to surface for transformation and healing. This blend can teach individuals how to be the observer of their painful experiences rather than becoming over-identified with them. When a person suffers from intense emotional or physical pain, it is common for them to act irrationally or “lose their head”. Soothing Blend can support the mind in staying cool and collected, regardless of the emotional turmoil or physical pain one may be in. In this way, the individual maintains mental clarity in the face of danger or pain.

At it’s core, Deep Blue teaches individuals acceptance and tolerance or their pain. It reveals the possibility that pain is not cruel or bad, but is simply a teacher. Instead of resisting pain, one may embrace the lessons it has to offer. As one lets go of the resistance, pain lessens and often dissipates altogether. By understanding the nature of pain, this blend encourages an assimilation of all life’s experieneces.

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