Cranberry Ripe Slice

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cherry ripe 2
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My favourite cafe is a cute small vegetarian and vegan cafe close by to where I live. They sell this amazing Cherry Ripe Slice which once you start you will never stop. However after a year of making it daily they no longer make it, so I hung out with the chef for a day and learnt some of her tricks of the trade and this is the recipe she shared with me, except I had to make a few changes to suit my family’s intolerances and needs.

Now this Cranberry Ripe Slice is jammed packed full of goodness, protein and iron which is perfect for us vegetarian’s or vegan’s and also great for the kids. It also contains lots of coconut oil which is a good fat and has so many health benefits which I will speak about a little later on.


350g roasted hazelnuts with skins off (I buy mine already done)
50g walnuts
300ml coconut oil
2 Tbsp pure maple syrup
250g shredded coconut
150g dried cranberries
2 tsp pure vanilla extract
1/2 cup pure cacao powder (you can use the dutch processed cacao powder for a richer flavour)

1. Line a 20cm round tray or square tray with coconut oil and baking paper and set aside.
2. Using a thermomix or a high speed blender, process the hazelnuts, walnuts on a medium speed until it forms a rough meal texture.
3. Add 115ml liquid coconut oil and 1 large Tbsp maple syrup (if you prefer super sweet add 2) and blend until it forms a rough but consistent paste. Press into the base of the prepared pan and place into the fridge for 10-20 minutes or until it’s firm to touch.
4 Place the coconut, cranberries, vanilla and 120ml liquid coconut oil into the thermomix and blend on medium speed for 45 seconds. Pour on top of the base of the slice and press dwon firmly. Place back in the fridge till firm (10 mins approx).
5. In a bowl, combine the cacao powder, 1 large Tbsp Maple Syrup and 75 ml of liquid coconut oil and whisk fast until well combined and it looks smooth and glossy. Using a pallet knife, spread the chocoltae mixture over the top of the slice evenly and place back in the fridge for 30mins to set.
6. Slice to the size you want to eat and store in an airtight container in the fridge or freezer if you want to keep it longer.

NOTE; very addictive and will be needed to eat daily 🙂


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