Chocolate Maca Protein Smoothie

cacao smoothie

I’m totally obsessed with this Chocolate Maca Protein Smoothie lately. It is the perfect afternoon pick me up and fills me up all afternoon till dinner. One of the keys to a healthier life is eating nutrient dense, plant based, whole foods. Connecting your body with these will give you the healthy, happy life you deserve.

There is so much goodness in this one drink.

I choose to use the ‘Raw’ brand of protein powder as it is one of the purest one’s, however you can use your favourite one.

Maca is a small Peruvian root vegetable and has been used by the Inca’s for centuries to boost the endurance, stamina and energy of their warriors. For the modern day warrior (which I believe I am, after getting through a day with my 3 kids) has also been known to boost libido:)
Maca won’t keep you up all night though. Unlike caffeine Maca is not a stimulant but instead it’s an adaptogen, so it adjusts to your body’s needs to restore a sense of balance. The unique blend of vitamins, minerals and amino acids can help naturally boost the immune system and aid in balancing the endocrine system. This has been known to assist with stress, symptons of menopause and PMS. Maca has a delicious, malty flavour and can be used in an abundance of different ways.

– 1 frozen banana
– 2 tbsp almonds
– 2 tbsp raw protein powder
– 1 tbsp chia seeds
– 2 tbsp pure cacao powder
– 1 tsp maca powder
– 1 and 1/2 to 2 cups organic coconut milk or milk of choice (milk amount depends on how thick you like to drink your smoothie.

I blend all the dry ingredients in my thermomix for 4 seconds on 7 and then add the milk and blend for 30 seconds on high. Then drink. Remember when you drink a smoothie to drink it slowly and almost chew each mouthful to enjoy it and also so it digests beautifully in your gut and all the goodness can then be absorbed.

huddy cacao smoothie

This is my Hudson drinking his version of this smoothie which is the above ingredients minus the chia seeds and only 1 tbsp of raw protein and I add 1 heaped tsp of pure honey. (his choice of milk is soy milk rather than coconut)

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