C.A.B.A.L.A Juice

cabala juice

This juice is a juice that I learnt from the amazing self healing Don Tolman.

C.A.B.A.L.A juice stands for Carrot, Apple (green), Beetroot, Apple (red), Lemon, Apple (yellow). I also always throw in a piece of ginger due to it’s amazing health benefits.

It’s an ancient frink that targets the health and functional capacities of your Vision, Heart, Brain and Skin.

Loads of people I know have used this juice recipe for a 7, 14, 20 or 40 day fast. This juice all day everyday and nothing else and have had amazing transformations.

2 carrots
2 red apples
2 beetroot
2 green apples
2 organic lemons if leaving skin on
2 yellow apples
2 cm piece of fresh ginger root

Blend all ingredients in a slow juicer and drink slowly. A meal all in one.
If you drink one of these each day you will look better and feel better.

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