Breathe Easy Naturally


LOVE these. How many mums out there have at times felt helpless when your up late at night with your child worried as their breathing needs support??
Especially when you have already been told there isn’t anything that you can do.
DoTERRA has these 4 wonderful BREATHE products that use natural essential oils to help maintain clear airways and breathing and help minimise the effects of seasonal threats.
1. The new Breathe Vapour Stick (easy for your kids to carry with them and use as they get older)
2. Breathe Respiratory blend essential oil (that can be used on the bottom of their feet, chest, back and diffused).
3. Breathe Touch roll on (that is diluted with FCO for babies and kids with sensitive skin).
4. Breathe Respiratory drops that soothe and cool airways.
It’s such a great feeling to know that I have natural health options for my family and me. We are heading into winter so I’m sure to use all 4 of these. *tip 1. Put some oil onto a tissue and get kids to breathe in throughout the day if they are fussy about having it on there chest.
*tip 2. Put a few drops on your shower floor and as the hot water hits it, steam dispersed with oils will rise up.

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