“Be the best me you can be”


A beautiful friend of mine just gave me two books to read. These books were written by her brother and I’m loving every second I get to read them. One of the quotes that stood out to be was this one.

“Your life is in your own hands, how you live yours is totally up to you. Do so by striving to achieve a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being, with a love for all things especially yourself, doing all that you can to experience an absence of disease, and embrace all that healthy life has to offer. Be the best me you can be.”

By Constantine Mitropoulos

Many people go through life like particles of dust being blown around by the circumstances of life. It’s as if they don’t understand that their life is in their own hands and how they choose to live their life is totally up to them. Does this sound like you?

How have you chosen to live your life, is yours a life of tolerance, regret, or embracement? It really doesn’t matter because it takes but a moment to change your mind, and a changed mind is all it takes to change your life.

The hardest part is to decide whether or not to be the best me you can be. Ofcourse this means that you will live a life of balance covering physical, mental and social well being, whilst doing everything possible to avoid disease and be the healthiest you can be.

While we are young we take everything for granted, we don’t recognise or enjoy the things that really matterin life, nor do we take advantage of the opportunities that are in front of us, thinking that there will be time for it later on. As we get older we realise this and whilst some of us regret losing those years and opportunities and do nothing, the rest of us do as much as we can as well as encourage the youth to avoid falling into the same trap.

Some get it but most don’t however eventually they are all will. Stop procrastinating and take advantage of every single moment of your life with a love of all things, especially yourself. My advice is simple, don’t waste another moment, and be the best me you can be.

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