about me

“Some people come into your life as blessings, others come into your life as lessons”.

Growing up I ate only the freshest of fruits & vegetables, enjoyed playing a variety of sports & studying classical ballet. I would visit the naturopath more than the doctor, & I credit my family with instilling in me a sense of health & awareness that I have carried with me throughout my life.
Now, happily married & a busy mother of three energetic kids aged 10, 5 & 4, I aspire to also instill in my children that nourishing the body & soul is a way of life to be followed with dedication & passion.
I’m a qualified Reiki & energy healer, aromatherapy masseuse & doTerra essential oil consultant, & I am currently studying wholefood nutrition, muscle testing & yoga with plans to open my own private practice that will also include Aerial Yoga later this year.
Juggling many different hats can make finding balance a daily struggle, but I know that with the right mindset it can be done & I want to share my experiences with you. The Nourished Soul is a place for me to share with you my tips for living a more wholesome life. From healthy family-friendly recipes I love to cook, from vegetarian to dairy, gluten & sugar free treats that your kids will love (trust me, I have 3 fussy taste testers!) & simple ways to incorporate healthy attitudes & mindfulness into your everyday life. I hope that you enjoy The Nourished Soul as much as I love writing it for you!

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