A little bit about me and my blog


Hello my lovely friends,

I have always been a clean eater, but did loose my groove a little in my teenager years, yes I am normal. I did splurge on many things through my teenage years and wouldn’t have wanted it any other way.

I am always asked from fellow mums, friends or family about certain health issues they or there loved ones are going through. They are wanting some self care natural ways to help fix these issues as medical ways haven’t worked. I am also always asked for the recipes to the healthy food I make my family, so I decided to write this blog to help people with certain health issues and to share my love of healthy food. It’s a creative outlet for me and also a useful guide for those that want to hear what it is I have to say.

I’m just a girl/ woman/ mum/ wife experimenting natural ways and recipes and therefore pretending to be an expert on all things health 🙂 I love ‘google’, ‘pinterest’, ‘instagram’ and the likes of many amazing healer’s around the world such as Louise Hay, Don and Tyler Tolman, Ian Gawler and many many more. With every new experience comes knowledge, which doesn’t make me an “expert” however I’m here to share my knowledge I have learnt, tested and succeded with from my many univerity degrees. My university degrees people may think I have are a nutrionist, a chef, a food stylist, a naturopath, a massuse, a kinesiologist, an aromatherapist and a yoga instructor. Ok so I have certificates in a few of these however mostly my degrees come from my life lessons and situations.

I like to practise my healthy ways on myself and my family daily. I love eating wholesome food, staying active, and I am forever chasing a balanced life. I could study all day about the 7 principles of life and the links between food, mind and body. On this amazing journey my family and I are learning to balance our world and in turn be disease free.

I don’t like to label myself as a particular diet or lifestyle or anything for that matter. Using labels only creates restrictions. I just listen to my body and enjoy it’s everyday need’s. There are some things that suit it one day and then not the other. We all have strong intuition’s which we need to listen to more often, to guide our bodies to be the best they can be, which in turn brings us closer and closer to a contentment, happiness and amazing immunity.

The content posted on this blog is based on my own research, experience and opinions. This is a positive space for sharing health journey’s from one amazing person to the other. The recipes on this blog are made with love and my taste testers are my family, so there may be at times a little something more or less added for yourself to suit your or your family’s tastebuds. I couldn’t tell you the amount of sugar’s or fat’s or carb’s or whatever else it is you want to know in the recipe’s I make as it’s something I have never looked into, as I have always been more interested in just eating wholesome real fresh food’s.

Please enjoy and do what work’s for you…..

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