5 things Yoga has taught me


I have always been into exercising of some sort and keeping fit. I try and do something everyday, even if it’s just jumping on the trampoline with my kids or doing 100 sit ups. I have never been a hard core, sweat machine type of exercise person, more just a get my heart rate up and enjoy the exercise type of a girl.

I discovered yoga only the middle of last year, weich means I have now been doing it for a year and I absolutely love it. The day I started I was hooked and knew that I would take it on full steam ahead. So 1 year on I am still loving this practice and have also tried aerial yoga and acro yoga. I am now training to be a power yoga teacher, kids yoga teacher and aerial yoga teacher. My husband is building me a yoga studio out the back of our house so I can practice and teach from there.

Doing Power Yoga is an ideal way to start a fitness program and an ideal aid to continue a sport or fitness program for life. The idea of yoga is to slow down the heart rate and the respiration, as well as the activity of the mind. It’s not supposed to be aerobic. Through concious effort and concentration, you slowly learn control of the functions of the autonomic nervous system, like heart rate, muscle contractions, brain-wave patterns etc. You then use that control to build heat and power.

Power Yoga workout is a method for developing mindfulness and thus a tool for dealing with the stress and conflict of existence. It clears out the confusion and congestion of the mind and body.

5 Things Yoga has taught me;-

1. Honor your body
2. Let go of things that no longer serve you
3. Breathe
4. Be present….. and be ok with it
5. You can achieve more than you think

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