Last week I decided I wanted to try something a little different. I love my meditation at home and have been wanting to do a meditation class for a while now, but being a busy mum I never seem to fit it in and feel like an hour of sitting for meditation just seems too […]


These are the delicious fresh organic figs I buy from our local market each weekend when in season and when they are out of season I buy these delicious spray free, preservative free sun dried figs. Figs are the most nutritious, edible fruits. A half-cup of figs has as much calcium as a half-cup of […]

Papaya Love

My favourite way to start the day when I awake is to oil pull with coconut oil for 20 minutes, then drink a large amount of warm water with pink himalayan salt and a freshly squeezed lemon which cleanses my body and gets my digestive system working. I then prepare this fruit and nut meal […]

Flu Shots

With the colder months now upon us here in Australia, I know alot of people nursing head colds and feeling very average. Sure, it’s common during the winter time….. but if only people really understood WHY their bodies react like this. More of that in a minute….. You know, the BIG push these days is […]

5 reasons Chocolate should stay in your diet forever

So who out there doen’t like the taste of chocolate??? If not, then stop reading this now and go eat some kale instead 🙂 Now when Im talking about chocolate, the rule I like to use is “the closer to the real bean the better for you”. So before reaching for Mr Mars Bar you […]

What all girls should know about Tampons and Pads

You might be thinking that those tampons and pads you use on a monthly basis created by the likes of large corporations are safe for mama earth and your parts, but Im here to share some information that perhaps might make you think otherwise. Unfortunately some of these big corporations don’t take into consideration the […]

Skin Care

“You are what you eat (and drink)” Without a question, your skin is a reflection of your total body health. That’s why people who fast or cleanse in some way (raw food/juicing/water fast) regularly, also have incredible looking skin….. they’re frequently clearing out the nasties from the inside out. By consistently eating a predominantly plant-based, […]

Life is too short for diet’s

“The problem is we are not eating food anymore, we are eating food like products.” Just because it says vegan or low fat or paleo doesn’t mean it’s healthy. Most of these products can be processed which are very far from what FOOD should be. I choose to live a nourished way of life and […]

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