Essential Oils

essential oils

Elevation Oil

    This beautiful uplifting combination of essential oils creates an energetic aroma that can help stimulate the body’s chemistry when a person is feeling lethargic or sad. You can wear it as a perfume or cologne, especially over the heart. Diffuse or inhale directly or put s few drops on a wet cloth & […]

Breathe Oil

  Which would you choose? Many of the oils in this blend have been studied for their abilities to open and soothe the tissues of the respiratory system and also for their abilities to combat airborne bacteria and viruses that could be harmful to the system. This oil is amazing for Asthma, Bronchitis, Congestion, Anxiety, […]

On guard + softgels

After a Freezing cold day hanging by the windy water’s edge last weekend, I found myself sniffling, runny nose and achy cold bones and thought “oh no, not a cold coming on”. So when I got home I grabbed for these On guard + softgels and took 2 with a heap of water and went […]

Deep Blue

As you can see, I love this product, Deep Blue. I have it in 3 forms. One is a cream that I my husband massage’s on me for tight muscles or injuries, the deep blue oil I use for something stronger when in need and the roll on Deep Blue I carry in my handbag […]

Mood management pack

Help your child transition into the New school Year with this MOOD MANAGEMENT essential oil pack by doTerra. With four different blends made from certified Pure Therapeutic Essential Oils, you’re sure to be off to a great start. 🔆 BALANCE – known as the grounding blend. Perfect to help you or your little ones live […]

LOVE potion

The perfect LOVE potion for Valentine’s Day or any special day. The combination of these 3 pure essential oils will definitely spark some passion. 🔆 YLANG YLANG – is the oil of the heart, which is a powerful remedy for releasing emotions from the past and reminds the individual how joy can be felt and […]

Wild Orange Essential Oil

I am wild about wild orange. Here are some of the ways I use this doTerra Wild Orange Essential Oil. 1. Place one drop of wild orange, peppermint and frankincense in your hand, rub together and inhale deeply for 7 deep breaths of 7 for an energising and head clearing aroma. 2. Before a stress […]

Shin splints

Anyone get shin splints or runner’s knee? Lately I’ve been playing some adult vs kids soccer games and some sprint training with my kids to help them get faster. Lots of fun, although the day after my shins are burning with shin splints, so I have mixed up two different remedy’s these oils for the […]

Mito2max energy

I recently started taking Mito 2 Max and WOW. Mito2Max is a healthier, long term alternative to caffeine for increased energy and vitality. DoTerra Mito2Max supports healthy mitochondrial function and aerobic metabolism without the use of harmful stimulants. So if you are looking for increased energy & vitality then try these. To order go to […]

Mums, you have options…….

I’ve been there. Up late with a child who is feeling miserable. You think, what can I do to help there sore tummy, or how can I unblock their airways or help their cough. It’s late and the chemist and doctor’s are closed and your freaking out. Well once you get some of these essential […]


Loving the new essential oils from doTERRA. The emotional oils. There are 6 of them and the one I’m going to talk about today is Console, this is the first one I started using from the box and I carried it with me and used it religiously when my mum was passing. Losing someone or […]

Therapeutic Bliss Balls

I made some of these Therapeutic Bliss Balls for an oil party I held at my house which all the girls Loved so Inthought I’d share them with you. Now they are called Therapeutic because of the feeling you get when you eat them due to the special ingredient ‘geranium’ essential oil I put in […]

No more Respiratory Problems

This oil is a must have in our house. Anyone else have a child in there house that goes out in the cold air, gets sniffly and then wakes up barking with croup in the early hours of the morning??? Or bronchitis throughout the colder it seasonal months??? This oil ‘White Fir’ works like a […]

Freshen up your Armpits

Need a quick armpit fix up that’s natural, no chemicals and lasts??? Try this, you will LOVE it. In a 10 ml roller bottle combine 3-4 drops of each Purify, Melaleuca and 2 drops of Lemongrass. Fill with FCO and apply to the armpits when needed. I keep this in my handbag for times of […]

We all need BALANCE in our lives.

We all need some BALANCE in our lives and this is the oil to help us find that Balance. Often life’s little surprises and stress can leave us off guard and unbalanced. This blend is a grounding blend so perfect for those people or children (I have one of them) that is often all over […]

Wanting better immunity, then on guard everyday.

This oil is a must have in every house, especially now with the colder weather coming. A lot of schools are diffusing this on guard oil to keep away any airborne bacteria or viruses, especially since every ‘man and his dog’ seem to have a cold, flu, or virus. I diffuse this at home and […]

Happy wife, Happy life…..

These are the 3 most used oils by women today. They aren’t just for the ladies – children and men could benefit massively too. These oils make you feel better, happier, healthier and are good for our bodies. I love doTERRA’s pure therapeutic grade essential oils. ELEVATION (joyful blend) – this blend provudes an immediate […]

No more Sore Throat

My most asked question by mums and friends almost daily as the cold weather is here. What do I do for a sore throat? For my kids I rub melaleuca oil on the throat area, roll the on guard on the bottom of each foot and on the throat glands, eat 1 on guard beadlet […]

Homemade bath salts

Making some bath salts today. As the weather gets colder we are all soaking in the bath longer. These are so easy, much more reasonable than buying in a shop and 100% pure. Thanks @teamgoodness for the Epsom Salts and today’s blend was a few drops of each of these 3 oils. Clary Sage, Purify […]

Detox and Cleanse

Every 3 months (change of season) I like to detox and cleanse my system of any heaviness, toxins, metals and parasites. These two products are perfect for this. The zendocrine softgels are a detoxification blend that will refresh, detox and cleanse. It’s used as an antioxidant, urinary tract and digestive cleanse, kidney and liver cleanse, […]

Moody Bitch Blend

Who else dislikes that “time of the month”? Well it’s not really fun however we are women and we need to celebrate this part of being a woman. If your like me and get a little crazy, a little cranky (well that’s what the hubby kindly tells me) 😂 well here is my favourite oil […]

Breathe Easy Naturally

LOVE these. How many mums out there have at times felt helpless when your up late at night with your child worried as their breathing needs support?? Especially when you have already been told there isn’t anything that you can do. DoTERRA has these 4 wonderful BREATHE products that use natural essential oils to help […]

Looking for super Immunity for yourself and your family?

These are my go to oils for protection for all ages. Protection is the key!! We could all use a little immune support and these oils are the BEST for that. I make a roller bottle of FCO (Fractioned coconut oil) with 2 drops of each and roll it on the bottom of my kids […]

Bring some happiness and sunshine to those dull winter days.

Want to bring some Happiness and Sunshine to your house on these cold, wet, winters days? Then add 1 drop frankincense, 2 drops wild orange and 2 drops elevation to your diffuser and feel the happiness and a ray of sunshine appear.

Zit zapping options

If only we never got pimples, well some of us are luckier than others. I get pimples now and then from stress or hormonal or when I am doing a detox. Normal pimple creams can contain harsh chemicals and toxins. Essential oils are equally effective, but without all the junk since they are plant-derived and […]

Healthy Kids, Happy mum….

We all love our kids, but sometimes everything seems out of control – they’re sick, they’re not listening, they’re actually out of control. You feel overwhelmed, & this family thing is just not what you planned it to be! Sound familiar? Well, it’s time to change by focusing on WHOLE FAMILY WELLNESS. A happy kiddo […]

Workout helper’s

These few oils are great workout helpers. To improve your oxygen uptake and performance during workouts, put a few drops of Peppermint oil in a glass and then fill with water and drink. Swipe a drop of Frankincense oil under your nose. Apply Breathe oil to your chest. (This oil will clear the airways and […]

Why all mums should use essential oils

3 mum approved reasons to use essential oils….. IMMUNITY- those little love bugs need a little immune support too. – get rid of environmental threats before they spread. NUTRITION- ditch those cheap ‘candy’ vitamins from the pharmacy. – no, sugar free gummy bears won’t cut it. – real nutrition as nature intended for our bodies. […]

Tummy troubles

There has been ALOT of bad tummy bugs going around lately and thank goodness for this amazing oil DigestZen to help soothe the sore tummy, help with vomiting and diarrhoea. This oil can be rubbed onto the tummy , taken in a capsule or put a drop into your water or tea & drink it. […]

Head Tension

Anyone suffer from Head tension? These 3 oils take care of just about everything in our home and if you mix them together they make the perfect head tension blend. In a 5ml roller bottle combine, 5 drops Frankincense 7 drops Peppermint 5 drops Lavender Fill remainder of the roller bottle with carrier oil (coconut […]

Sleep Assist

I love trying different oils at night in each of the kids diffuser’s. They all work so well and some better than others. Serenity blend is a great one to help your little ones get into a deep sleep and keep it simple with the use of one oil, but sometimes you may find you […]

Why I use doTERRA essential oils….

I like to use only natural products on myself and my kids that have no side effects and no chemicals in them that can harm them. When I came across these oils 3 years ago I was so excited to get started and see if and how they worked. Within minutes of using them I […]

Getting shit done

Diffuse first thing in the morning and throughout the day as needed. Great wake up, energiser and great help to get whatever it is you need done during your day. (These two oils are beautiful together and used for so much on there own) Keen to learn more, just ask me.

10 reasons every home should have an essential oil diffuser

If your no stranger to natural living, you have already probably read why about how good essential oil diffuser’s are in our household. From improving health, increasing your energy, or to help you sleep better. The fact is, these handy little devices are great for all those things and more. Whilst the list of possible […]

Mental Clarity

  I’ve been doing some oil talks at some schools lately, suggesting what oils the teachers could use in the classroom to calm kids down, lift kids energy, build there immunity or to help them focus and concentrate. This is a great blend to diffuse for Mental Clarity, focus, concentration and memory. 3 drops Lemon […]

Tightening Serum

  I love that DoTerra adds all the amazing essential oils into there beauty products. This is my favourite serum to start the day with and its frankincense, Hawaiian sandalwood & myrrh oils in it to naturally tighten & smooth my skin.

Mood Booster

  Today’s Mood Boosting blend in my beautiful glass orb diffuser. 1 drop Spearmint essential oil 1 drop Bergamot essential oil 3 drops Wild Orange essential oil

Deep Sleep

Thank goodness for these two oils to help calm my kids down before bed (especially after daddy has hyped them up). Balance on the feet and in the diffuser, Serenity on the neck and in the diffuser and kids fast asleep. 💁

Want to get some BALANCE back in your life?

  Looking for some BALANCE in your life? This beautiful oil is perfect for that. Put a drop on the bottom of each foot when you wake up in the morning and 1-2 drops on your wrists and neck throughout the day when feeling anxious, stressed or unbalanced.

Essential oils

  There are many things that I don’t know…. and I would never claim to be an expert at anything as there is always more to learn, but I want to share with you a few things I DO know. I know that each and everyone of us deserves a beautiful, abundant, whole, healthy and […]

Peaceful Child Blend

So I have a daughter that doesn’t like sleep. She really could get by on 5 hours a night, yet I can’t. So I have put together this powerful blend of oils which I call Peaceful Child Blend or Saatchi’s sleep tranquilliser. In a 10ml roller bottle add: 5 drops Vetiver 2 drops Lavender 2 […]

Touch Kit

  I am over the moon excited to have benefited from this amazing offer from doTERRA on this awesome roller collection. These oils are perfect for babies, toddlers and children as they are pre-diluted with coconut oil and are in easy to use roll on bottles. Perfect to carry in your handbag on a daily […]

My LOVE of essential oils

  So you always see me posting things about these essential oils by DoTERRA, did you know that I purchased a giant kit of them after a mind blowing talk I went to on them 3 years ago. Before this talk I honestly knew nothing about essential oils but I decided to take the plunge […]

Amazing skin

So love this beautiful ANTI-AGING oil on my skin. Perfect for wrinkles, fine lines, sun damage, scars, stretch marks, blemishes, tension & mood balance & meditation. This amazing roll on oil also works on a deep emotional level as it combines the power of high vibrational oils alongside grounding oils to assist the connection between […]

Spice up your love life….

The most common question I get asked by women ‘secretly’ after I teach an oil class is how do they spice up there love life? Well here is the formula I suggest. Take 2 of these Mito 2 Max capsules a day when desired that are full of amazing herbs & oils to de-stress you, […]

Healthy gut

  I believe that gut health is the key to a long and happy life. Most foods and drinks we consume these days ruin our gut bacteria and leave us with many problems and illness’s. It’s believed that all disease starts in the gut. So one of the first things I do to support my […]

Women’s Purfume

  Did you know that perfume’s have loads of chemicals in them? These chemicals being sprayed right around the thyroid and lymph nodes are believed to cause many health issues. So I suggest to stop using toxic perfumes and try using something natural and see how you feel. This Pure Organic Essential Oil called Whisper […]

Promote clarity of mind

  This blend will help you promote ‘Clarity of Mind’ Blend 4 drops FRANKINCENSE 3 drops ROMAN CHAMOMILE 2 drops WILD ORANGE Breathe in deeply, use in a spray bottle and spray around the air around you and the back of your neck, put in a capsule and ingest or apply directly to the throats […]


  To generate a POSITIVE attitude and focus then blend 4 drops BERGAMOT 4 drops LEMON 🍋 3 drops BASIL 🌿 3 drops GERANIUM And diffuse, breathe deeply or rub on back and front of the neck at least 3 times a day whilst affirming things such as “I am positive”, “I only speak and […]


  My go to Oils when sickness hits any of my babies. Thermometer 🤒 to check and keep an eye on there temperature, cold washer rinsed every hour for head & neck if they have high temperature’s, peppermint oil down there spine to cool them down if there temperature isn’t budging with the cold washer’s […]


  There are times in our lives where we should be happy, want to be happy yet find it hard to actually be happy. We try to find it by keeping ourselves ridiculously busy, or by buying materialistic things to cheer us up or by pretending we are happy to everyone when we truly aren’t. […]

Clove Oil

  CLOVE OIL. This is such a great oil to keep in your house hold medicine cabinet. Perfect for any tooth pain or cavities, mouth ulcers, infection & parasites, viruses & most importantly killing mould. Clove is a powerful antioxidant. As a dried spice it measures 300,000 on the ORAC scale and as an essential […]

Glass diffuser

So in love with the beautiful diffusers I have around my house. If you are looking for one as beautiful as this, then let me know as there are only two left in stock. Glass, colour changing and easy to use.

Armpit detox

  Do you know what’s in your deodorant???? And how toxic it really is????? I made this Clay armpit detox today. Wow it felt so good. If you have been feeling sluggish, getting sick often, and/or notice tender lymph nodes, this underarm mask can improve lymphatic circulation & make you feel better! Also many people […]

Hubby’s Oil’s

These doTERRA essential oils aren’t just to make you smell nice or aren’t just to be kept for ourselves, they are to be used for physical concerns, emotional concerns and a spiritual connection. They aren’t just used by me in my house, they are used my my whole family including my dog. This selection of […]


  PROBIOTIC ❤️ the absolute must have for gut health. Check out this baby, these probiotics are double encapsulated to ensure that all the good gut bacteria gets to the digestive system not starting to dissolve in the oesophagus like nearly all other brands of probiotics. Probiotics are such an important part of our everyday […]

Dogs and Essential Oils

  Did you know you can use Essential Oils on dogs 🐶? They are the best ever and work instantly. My puppy had a day of non stop diarrhoea after eating something at the park that she shouldn’t have and as soon as I used this blend digestzen on her, it stopped instantly. I just […]

Want to work with Essential Oils?

  I have been loving and sharing these oils and health products for almost 4 years and I have grown an amazing team who have also discovered how amazing all the doTERRA products are and how well they work on themselves and their families. I love sharing these products and helping other people build their […]

Run with it!

  Today’s choice of blend is called the “run with it” blend. When you are ready to take your level of activity up a notch then this is the blend for you. A New Day helps to break old patterns and enter into a new way of being. This blend will help you overcome the […]

Jet lag

  Jet Lag is a disruption of normal sleep patterns experienced while the body’s internal clock adjusts to rapid changes in daylight and nighttime hours when flying to different areas of the world 🌎. Jet lag can cause tiredness, fatigue, & insomnia during normal sleeping hours. It is recommended to DRINK LOTS OF FLUIDS and […]


  Besides passport and boarding passes, essential oils are a must when flying, oh and some healthy snacks if you don’t eat the plane food like myself and my family. These are my must haves in the plane ✈️ & I truly believe they should be packed in everyone’s hand luggage. ………. Balance- for nervousness […]

Mud mask

  Love this doTERRA mud mask. Looking for a detoxifying mud mask that provides the purifying benefits your skin will thank you for? The combination of Myrrh, Juniper Berry & Grapefruit essential oils, known for their cleansing and smoothing benefits, allow this proprietary mask to provide the user with a luxurious and aromatic spa treatment, […]


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